How To Post Blocked Link On Facebook ??

Hello readers welcome to i hope you are enjoying our rocking posts. We are again got tweak that is very useful for bloggers or websites owner for promotion purposes. When you publish your posts on social networking sites your post will be published but they have some terms and conditions for similar type of links. when you post your promotion link on multiple facebook or twitter groups. There are many tools available for facebook group autoposter. Tommorow i will create tutorial on autoposter tool. When facebook block your links. you will not be able to post links on groups. This post is very helpful for bloggers or website owners.

How to post blocked links on Facebook –

There are such sites to convert your links to shorten. I will told you the best shortners. So that you can convert your long link to short link. Mostly blogger uses this shortners. Some are also making money with them, Yeh you heard it right. You can make some money with shortners. See below this is are the best shortners.

Google URL Shortner –

This is are the shortner service provided by google. This is best. You can use but you cant make money with this. This shortner which are only convert your long link to shorts.
Click here to go on Google url shortner.
Just paste your link and create a short url. Then you can post your link on facebook. When someone click on that link it will be redirect on your website. URL shortner service –

This is another url shortner service that pays you money. You have to sign up on thier website you can also sign up with facebook. The big advantage of this website is you can earn money when the users are click on link you can earn money.
Now its your turn shrink links and earn money.

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